(Free Shipping) TaterVision Records "Mix Tape Volume One"


The first annual Tatervision Records compliation CD with artist from Tatervision Record Label.


Track listing:

J-Birds “Idiot Box” (Unreleased)
Zepko “Bleed It”
The 5th of November “Fly Away”
Life Ambassador “King Jesus”
J-Birds “Enough is Enough”
The Enoch Effect “Control”
Just A Faze “Apple Of My Eye”
House of Ona “Falling”
J-Birds “You're Not Alone”
The 5th of November “Thru your Lies” (feat. Tater )
Zepko “Elysian” (feat.Tater)
Tyler “Grannies Tambourine”
J-Birds (Shed My Skin)
Zepko “I'll Show You”(feat. J-Birds)
Psychedelic Affairs “Rhythm Wolf”